Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Day244 Stolen Life and MDM

Stolen Life
COFA hosted the Sydney chapter of SIGGRAPH's screening of Stolen Life a machinima tale of an investigation on an asteroid with a robotic cast. ( The turnout wasnt as good as I was expecting (only one more from my class).
The visual quality of the piece was 'limited' due to the copyright of higher-end engines and the total cost of the project. The animation itself (plus modelling) even with the A6 engine were simplistic. That said the whole thing was inspiring and very enjoyable. The soundtrack, audio and the voice acting was all excellent and it built for us a narrative that was engaging. It took a little time for us to build a relationship with the robotic machines, but soon enough the events and the very human activity of the robots had us hooked. The plot was clever and the characters rich and with no budget at all it is a lovely piece of work.
Over on Zipworld ( they have a nice page with details of the production of the film. It was a 3 year end-to-end process with only a handful of people to make it all happen. The same site has info on some of Nanoflix other work (

[screenshot from Stolen Life - from the Nanoflix site on zipworld]


Finished up my Screen Culture take home exam. Did some work on storyboarding up our 15 second animation making use of the titles on both ends. I started playing with more character designs as well which is great fun.

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