Thursday, 6 September 2007

Day245 Compositing, new iPods & Storyboarding

Compositing Talk
I am giving a talk to the undergrad project students next week on the concept of Compositing. Apparently there was some discussion in the group about why one would do this crazy rendering out the same image lots of times. So after I gave a brief rundown of what I thought the benefits were - I have been asked to come and make it all clear to the class.
I will concentrate on 2 main examples, one is compositing a 3D rendered model into a photographed scene. This concept will be specifically relevant to the Architectural Computing students, though it is handy for all. The second is fully CG scenes where the complexity makes single pass rendering either non-viable or limits control of the look in post.

I will reference sites like:
Maya video compositing of torus into picture
3ds Max compositing of building into picture
Plus this very blog (and the photoshop file used)


New iPod
I was just getting used to my new iPod, it still feels like a new toy to me (hadnt had anything like it before). Then hey-presto they release a brand spanking new baby like this (
The new features, so well shown off on the site, give us much of the iPhone in iPod instead. The 'classic' iPod as it is now called swells up to swallow 160GB of stuff now - but classic - that is a little rough.

[image of the lovely new iPod Touch from the Apple site]


Storyboarding for 3D Foundation
I made some very tiny storyboards that get us to 15 seconds. I will have to write up everything and work a whole lot more on the character design though. With the storyline we have, we need to nail the characters and thus - I need to work a whole lot more on this side of things!!


I watched Wallace and Gromit in the Curse of the WereRabbit - love this film. It has so many clever characters, plotlines and comic moments. The actual production method with the clamation is a feature of their work and is a joy to watch. Infact we sit there wondering far more about how they do that stuff than we do with digital cinema. In relevance to our 15 second piece - the animation is inspired and uses their medium and character designs to great effect. ( (

[image from the wallaceandgromit site]

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