Saturday, 8 September 2007

Day247 Storyboards, SC and Hair

Here is the textual breakdown script as I see it thus far:
  1. still frame '3 names' with very closeup image of 2D and 3D
  2. still frame 'present' image of 2D and 3D together friends
  3. still frame (title) '3D and 2D', both are in start positions
    2D "Hi 3D"
  4. 15 seconds starts - shift to live action
  5. 3D "Hi 2D, what have you got there" indicating the photo in 2D's hand.
  6. cut to close-up of photo, 2D "She's my new girlfriend"
  7. cut CU of 3D, 3D "she's ... nice, oh Hi babe" (sound of high heels)
  8. cut to full shot, 3Dbabe enters from 2D side, 3D is waving at her.
  9. 3Dbabe "Hi Hon" half waving back.
  10. 3Dbabe pinches 2D's paper cheek, 3Dbabe "... he's cute" (2D blushes slighly)
  11. 2D's 'jaw drops' and his hand holding the photo droops
  12. still frame 'full credit list CG side'
  13. still frame 'full credit list music and voices'
  14. animated short shot of 2Dgirlfriend picture floating to floor
  15. still frame 'thanks page plus COFA, UNSW, S2.2007 SOMA9209'


Screen Culture
Since I am a 'respondent' on Tuesday for Screen Culture on the topic of 'Military History of the Computer Screen' I did my reading (Paul Edwards), which was actually quite informative (though concentrating more on Military funding than the screen.
I think ideas like propaganda and simulation might be good things to bring up, plus maybe how tanks and some aircraft are operated with indirect vision in effect just like a computer game (HUDs too).

So after a little hunting online I am now armed with these references:
War Propaganda and the Media by Anup Shah
America's Army on Wikipedia
Realistic military computer games on New Scientist
Interview on modern combat games
The Effects of Military Technology
Simulation reshaping military training
Military simulation on wikipedia
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Remote Weapon Stations
Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle


Maya Hair
With the possibility that we might want to take on Maya's Hair capability for our 3DBabe I grabbed some links which (like most tutes) make using hair seem viable - but I am wary...


Hector's Life
James found this very nice piece of animation on CGSociety which was a piece for the Renault Espace back in 2005. It features a 2D paper character interacting with the 3D world. The animation and compositing are very clever and well realised. This should serve to inspire us to get 2D right.

[screenshots from the CGSociety article on Hector's Life]

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