Sunday, 9 September 2007

Day248 3D Group Meeting

3D 15 Sec Group Meeting
Brainstorming the details of our 15 second piece was fun and fruitful again. Our group is gelling very well and each time we work through the concept, a wealth of ideas come forth. We are forced to abandon most of these due to the limitations we have, but some of them are just too good to resist and we find a way.
We have a real enthusiasm for working on our piece and that is showing in what we are all producing so far. During our gathering today while I drew up new storyboards for us, Yaz worked on the Bios and James some nifty prelim rigging inside Maya. There are many little pieces to this puzzle that we are looking forward to getting our teeth into.

The storyboards:

Character Reference Images:

I like the tattoo ideas, bringing that element of real 3D artists into the characters, playing with symbols and even the stamp for 2D :-)
Our 3D babe may need editing a little, as she was built to be seen primarily in medium shots, she is shorter than I would otherwise build a character of this type. She should really be long, lithe and silky - but in a full shot she feels exaggerated and oh-so-curvy. If we make the proportions stretchier, then she will be really skinny and have a teensie head compared to our male characters..


Links of Note
After a fun day there are several little things we enjoyed, such as:
Pixar Piss Take
Pixar Tennis Ad

Plus I was pointed at Zotero ( which might be helpful with my referencing (if EndNote doesnt do this stuff).

I will have to make much better use of Google Scholar ( as well! After just a single search I found the likes of:
Virtuous War

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