Monday, 10 September 2007

Day249 MDMing

I wrote up the storyboard and script as a document and added our current state dossiers, which we will add a little more to tomorrow. I made the doc in newly installed word (should have got this ages ago :-) I started drawing some imagery of our characters to flesh out the dossiers as well:

Text that goes with the storyboards:
The following boards represent our groups evolution of the 3D & 2D concept based upon a range of ideas spawned from using the Mac vs. PC commercials combined with our own characters.
We have a set of stills to introduce the piece (1-3) then 13-14 seconds of animation with dialogue and several cuts (4-8), followed up by more stills and scrolling credits with a concluding 1 second animation to complete the narrative inserted.

The visual treatment will match pretty closely the commercials with a plain background and non-dramatic lighting (like a studio). The music will be background simple piano, again referencing the commercials, though if we can have a theme that relates to 3Dbabe build up to her appearance that would be nice.

There will be shot cuts in the same vain as the commercials as well allowing us to get in closer to the characters when they have expressions we want to see etc. The whole animation will try and maintain a simple feel to it, no dramatic character movement and static cameras etc.
There will be a fade at the end to lead into the more emotional shot of the photo falling to the floor.
The colour treatment will be understated. It wont be glary like Toy Story for example, we will maintain a low-key feel without it being drab. Some things may stand out, like 3Dbabe’s hair.
(this is useful for us to work on timing)
2D:......“Hi 3D”
3D:......“Hi 2D, what have you got there”
[2D raising picture]
2D:......“She’s my new girlfriend”
3D:......“She … nice”
[sound of high heels]
3D:......“oh, hi babe”
3Dbabe:..“Hi hon …”
[3Dbabe pinching 2D’s cheek]
3Dbabe:..“… he’s cute”

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