Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Day250 3D, SC and Compositing

3D Storyboards and more
Another whirlwind class on 3D, it is good to see Will run through things in class, but it definitively requires lots of work outside class to explore concepts and techniques on top of actually working on the project. Rigging looks like fun actually and I am looking forward to giving it a whirl.

I am not sure how the presentation of our storyboards went. I feel the idea needs to read a little more clearly - we started talking about changing our 3Dbabe into a 3Dbimbo. This can help bring forward the idea of 3D annoying 2D all the time with his fun, games and cool newness. This more blatent stereotyping is easier to convey and lets us play more heartily with her and 2D.
The scope of work is looking a little daunting, so we will have to break it down and get the components done and in place one by one and it should all come together.
The next steps are 2D and 3D animatics...


Screen Culture
Responding on the interaction of media (esp. screens) and the military - went ok and was an interesting topic.


I have been looking for more reference data and tutorials for my compositing talk tomorrow and found all manner of nifty stuff on the web for me and others to learn from.


Not exactly related but it looks interesting is Pixar's Library:


Drive Opening
I came across this article on Computer Graphics World (article) about the opening sequence of the TV show Drive which (like everything) is on Youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzTt0P99CVo). Stylised and perhaps not as inspiring as in the Matrix sequence, but still kinda clever.

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