Thursday, 13 September 2007

Day252 MDMing Flash

Screen Culture
I enjoyed the lecture again today, covering interfaces in various ways and prompted some fascinating discussion afterwards. We spent some time talking about keyboards and pondering when we might be able to see Dvorak keyboards as the norm. Anyhow, Anna showed us examples of interesting interfaces, I had seen some before, but Sony's hyperdragging spatially continuous workspace was an interesting variation on a theme (


Flash 2D Animatic
Did some more work on the flash 2D Animatic, I am upto the fiddlier pieces of the puzzle now, but it is slowly coming together piece by piece. It does a few odd things just to keep me on my toes - hopefully they will all be sorted out by Tuesday. Well preferably tomorrow night so we could even have a prelim bash at a 3D animatic as well.

I grabbed a sound file for the footsteps from the I Love Wavs site called FtSteps1.wav 2.
I did look around a big bunch of other sites, and though I used the one from this site, the freesound ( site had similar sounds and a whole lot more besides. It looks like a good resource for the future.

I did some more design work on our 3Dbimbo. I created new hands for her that mean they wont need fingers or detailed animating but still look good. And some more revisions of her design details from mole locations to earings. Interestingly, when the design changed to having disjointed blobs for her pieces including her neck - she kinda lost the ability to wear her necklace...

  1. Jun Rekimoto and Masanori Saitoh, “Augmented Surfaces: A Spatially Continuous Workspace for Hybrid Computing Environments,” Sony Computer Science Laboratories, 1999, (accessed September 13, 2007).
  2. “ - Your ultimate categorized .WAV source,” (accessed September 13, 2007).

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