Friday, 14 September 2007

Day253 Animatic v4

Animatic V4
I did some more work on the current animatic. Which now looks like this:
[right-click and choose play to kick things off]

It has a certain pace to it which is energetic and kinda racey. I think this works and gives it some vibrance. The animated sections of the piece are sitting at 15 seconds now, so assuming the falling photo counts, then if we need time anywhere we will have to shrink somewhere else.
This has been proving viable with dialogue changes like "oh look, here comes mine" down to say "here's mine" as a possible example.

This version still uses the previous designs for the characters. I plan to rebuild it using this as a starting point but with pieces from special sketches. The whole thing seems to be working and I feel confident we can pull off the whole thing. I plan on building and rigging the bimbo on the weekend actually (well making some serious progress on it anyhow).

The photo
One thing that the animatic revealed that wasnt apparent in the still storyboards was the role that the photo of the 2Dgirl plays. The actions of the photo actually bind the whole piece together, focusing transitions and providing the motion through the narrative right through to it hitting the floor at the very end.

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