Saturday, 15 September 2007

Day254 Stories, tutes and more

5 x Character Bio/Dossier Stories
I thought it could be good to flesh out our characters a touch with a few tales that delve into their flaws, features and relationships. So here they are:

1. INK
It was late, bloody late and though 3D had agreed to met 2D in the morning, there was still fun to be had. In fact he had consumed waaay too much polyjuice and was in a mood to see what kind of story he could bring to breakie that would poke a little fun at his flat friend. Soon he found himself at a dingy texture artist, squeezed in between the kebab joint and an abandoned free range render farm wholesaler. The walls showed a dizzying array of inky textures, some bump mapped and tiled oh so sexily. It was then that the image of his friends wafer thin expression at seeing a tat on his nice round arm gave him a devilish idea. So it was that after several long and painful hours of UVing, 3D left sporting an actual image of his 2D friend on his arm. As he wandered off to wait for breakfast, he grinned at the strange faces his new
tattoo made as he twisted his ik_handle.

I remember it was often painful to watch the two of them playing as they grew up. They were inseperable friends of course, but you knew that 3D was never far from another prank that would leave 2D stapled, folded, torn or smudgy. I remember one summer 3D discoverd 2D;s aversion to water. It seemed like months we had to edure the sound of 2D shrieking as another water balloon cannoned into the wal beside him or the sound of his papery feet scampering away from a sprinkler trap. This little chapter in their story has a bitter-sweet ending though. One of 3D's practical jokes backfired and he got himself drenched which shorted-out and corrupted both of his arms. They were restored from backup a few days later, but it seemed to take weeks to get the inverse kinematics normal again. Well, lets just say that 2D didnt have to fear 3D's water attacks any longer.

2D had always been a very close friend of 3D despite the antics of the later. No-one could keep track of the times 2D had helped on those all-nighters 3D always seemed to be doing. 2D was patient and good at sketching, on top of just being good company. Though 3D often didn't seem to appreciate what his friend did for him, 2D took plenty of satisfaction from seeing 3D's mortar board tossed into the air. He didn't regret things or feel unappreciated really, though he knew others might see things that way. He was happy with who he was and good he could do. Actually he took some considerable pride in seeing 3D realise who he could be.

I remember I wasnt always so comfortable with how I looked. Perhaps we all experiment with our appearance during our youth. Some try out 3 colour printing, some the film noir thing, one of my friends was crayon for years. Anyhow, I remember as my long-time friend 3D's collection of tattoos grew, the idea of getting one myself snuck up on me one day. The next thing I knew I had a little smilie-stamp on my corner. Obviously it didn't take long for me to realise how silly I looked, admittedly with some help from 3D. So I spent the next few months with an ugly smudge near my chin. The darn things are much easier to get that to remove - lesson learnt.

Bimbo is a stunning, she has all her bits in all the right places, that's for sure. Actually, now that I say it, it does remind me of a day, just after she met 3D actually. The two of them were busily swapping data and somehow at the climax something went screwy and Bimbo's bits went everywhere. We got her back together quickly enough, but her smoothing groups and skinning was a little off, when she would move her arm - her dress would move as well. 3D didn't mind seeing all those lovely primitives under that dress all the time, but still helped us get her sorted out in the end.


2D Girl Photo
I did a few more sketches for the photo as it will play such a critical role in the piece now.
I think I like the lower right one, she has a seriously ordinary feel about her. That said I do like the version with the earings and the matching piece-of-paper logic of the bottom-left one.


Toy Story
I watched the original masterpiece that is Toy Story today on DVD. I am still in awe of what Pixar created and to think it was so looong ago. Things have come a bloody long way since 1995, yet this gem of a film still stands tall as an icon of what this medium can do. The animation is wonderful to watch, things are 'pushed' hard, though within the bounds of each toy and where it is pushed hardest it still works because the toys are kinda like carton characters anyhow. The voice talents obviously play a critical role in breathings such life into the film, John Lasseter though is the genius behind the magic.


I worked through the built-in Maya rigging and skinning tutes as well - now to give it a whirl with Bimbo over the next few days.

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