Sunday, 16 September 2007

Day255 Ref Sketches and animatic

Reference Sketches of 15sec Characters
I worked on the reference images for our two truly 3 dimensional characters, this will allow myself and the group to start modelling them up. Even in rough form we can use them for the 3D animatic.
In drawing up 3D it was apparent that we need the front of his face to curve nicely, this gives us the 3Dness and shadowing while retaining the primitive-centric feel we have going now. The design allows for components to be individually textured and skinned which removes the need for a single big UV map. We can get some texture on the beanie, and some reflectivity on his headphones. His tattoos can be a nice texture UVed around his arm and his full form should be quite lean on polys. Buzz will make for good reference in how to get him to come-to-life.

Bimbo is relatively new on the scene as she has been evolving to meet the real needs of the story. This reference set should be useful for both the revised 2D animatic and for the building of the 3D model. I think we can simplfy things by keeping her mouth separate from her face and just animating the mouth. Her hair will be a nice IK_Spline_Handle probably (the bangs and the ponytail). We could do her moles and love-heart as geometry quite easily. Getting her breasts right is very important and we will have to work out how they move (if they do).


Revised Animatic
Armed with new reference images I set about rebuilding the 2D animatic and with great intentions of animating more of the movement and expressions etc.
I am sticking with text for speech at present as that is very easy to change - and thus test and evolve the timings etc. I got as far as introducing a few pieces and its working (though I do like the feel of the original sketchwork).

Animatic References
Inspired by this process and the Incredibles video animatic, I thought I would look for some more. These are some that I liked, firstly the wizards behind Gorillaz, their animatic for Dare and then the actual clip itself. You can see the artistry behind the finished product, but you also need to know what is going on to 'see' past the still to what becomes a quite dynamic animation.

[Gorillaz Dare animatic (on Youtube)]

[Gorillaz Dare full video (on Youtube)]

Here is a second set from Gorillaz again:
This one is from Lilo and Stitch (deleted scene)

And here is an extravagant 3D one from X-men

There are zillions more on Youtube actually - no time to watch them all :-)

how to reference things like this - mighty good question...

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