Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Day257 MDMing and other fun


3D Class
I created a page for our animatic submission over on my Googlepages area that compiles the info found here on the blog. It is interesting that it is sooo much easier to include images and movies and animations etc in this way than in a word doc. Submitting it as a file is trickier of course, so I had to make a Word version with other files included in the folder in case.

In class we went through file handling and referencing logic which is a pain for any project of this type, but should be ok. Will showed us a bunch of Pose2Pose animations with his own characters which was very nifty to see. I liked the manipulations through the graph editor and the dope sheet.

Our presentation of the animatics seemed to go down well, and so the journey continues...

Screen Culture Tute
Another fun tutorial class, this time on Interfaces. Though definitions were provided in the class, I like the idea of an interface definition being something like 'a means by which communication occurs between two entities'. I think this gives meaning to TV and traffic-lights etc. This class is proving to be really entertaining...


AutoDesk 3D Launch Tour
I registered for another up-coming AutoDesk event, this time hopefully showing off the wonders to behold in the new versions of Max and Maya and more (Motionbuilder, Toxik etc). Though these things can be a bit hit'n'miss as far as being worthwhile - I will keep my optimism up and enjoy the ride.
link: http://south-apac.autodesk.com/sap/M3/product_information.html


Media Player on da Mac
I dived off and installed Microsoft's Media Player on the Mac 1 finally. The site says they wont be supporting it beyond v9. That they will instead be working with Telestream on Flip4Mac. I am not sure why a mediaplayerapplication of some sort isnt just part of the OS these days. Why do we need to use quirky Quicktime player one might ask?

  1. “Windows Media Player for Mac,” March 6, 2006, http://www.microsoft.com/mac/otherproducts/otherproducts.aspx?pid=windowsmedia (accessed September 18, 2007).

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