Friday, 21 September 2007

Day260 XSI Mod Tool Discovered & 300

XSI Mod Tool
Following leads from the XNA talk and reading in that area, I ended up at a tool from Softimage for their XSI suite which offers some interesting avenues for game modding, creation and related applications.

[image from the Mod Tool site]

In fact the site says that the XSI Mod Tool empowers content creation for HalfLife2 and XNA which will then run on both Windows and the XBox360. Exactly what capabilities come to life with this tool I am looking forward to exploring. I started out watching the intro video tutes on the site which are an intro to XSI, which looks to operate in precisely the same fashion as others lie Max and Maya.
More to come on this...


300 again
Watched 300 through again, the look of the film is simply incredible. It has a feel that is very much like a martial arts film actually, it is about a huge battle portrayed like a musical piece of poetry. I am looking forward to seeing Andrew Jackson at the AEAF in November, all the CG elements camera matched and the effects layers atop it all.

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