Saturday, 22 September 2007

Day261 Stardust & Bimbo Modelling

I have been looking forward to Stardust ever since seeing the trailer for it several months ago. It has a real adventure fairy-tale feel, bringing some fun ideas together with class acting talent and no small helping of CG effects to round things off.

The ride we are taken on could be compared with joys like the Princess Bride, featuring memorable characters and a simple but engaging plotline that combine with some cute writing
and production to complete the picture. That seems like a rather flowery way to say that the movie is a fun ride. Our two main characters are fun to watch and flavour is added all around them. Robert DeNero and Michelle Pfeiffer are excellent, and there are plenty of smaller roles to make us laugh. The ghosts are hilarious, as was Billy :-)

There were lots of special effects and some CG work to deliver the fantasy feel. The witches and their powers blend nicely with the world and the scenery is lovely. That said, the effects work only came out of the closet in a big way now and again, with much of the film centred very strongly around the cast.

I was happy to see Neil Gaiman credited in the film, having enjoyed his comics and graphic novels. I hadn't seen/read this story though, which began as a 4 part comic in 1997 published by DC and then became a novel. That his book now finds itself a huuuge movie like this is testament to his imagination and realisation into characters and story. When it comes to other Gaiman films, we have the grand Beowulf coming and his Mirrormask - which I really want to see.

Stardust Site: nifty semi-3D looking site with some nice production notes as well.
Stardust on IMDB: with 119 pics even.
Double Negative CG: site showcasing the CG work dont on Stardust.
Neil Gaiman: his home site with info on much of his work.
Stardust Trailer: on the Apple site (its quality is nicer there)

[images from Stardust from their website via]


Dr Who
The Face of Boe - for those that have seen the end of season3, you will know what I mean - truly excellent - I cant stop thinking about how clever that is!!


Bimbo Modelling
I finally stepped into modelling our little Bimbo character for Episode 51 of 3D & 2D. Making the choice to stick with poly's, simply to get our workflows consistent across all of our characters. After bringing in the reference sketches, the basic shapes came together very quickly, then it was a matter of adding detail piece by piece.

[WIP images of Bimbo coming to life]

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