Monday, 24 September 2007

Day263 Bimboing

Bimbo Work
Groupwork is proving to be a logistical nuisance. We all have different work and life schedules that struggle to come into alignment. In an office situation people would be systematically brought together without other things getting in the way, for us it isnt so regimented. We will have to find a way to both schedule in group meetings and to work effectively through online media.

The Bimbo model is progressing. I used Normal Averaging to good effect to smooth out any polys I added, this I hadnt worked out previously and I wish I had known this for project1. The dress at this stage still hugs the breast as a separate ball. I am tempted to try and make it less cartoony by altering this, but for now it is looking ok.

[WIP of Bimbo with her dress under construction]

I added the slot in the hand she will use to pinch 2D's cheek using boolean, perhaps not the best approach, but it seemed to work ok for me this time around and generated the correct look. The nipple is just a sphere - easy touch. Her hair began as a dupe of her head , I need to get some curves in around where it will join her head and then perhaps some grooves before the ponytail.

[WIP of Bimbo with more work done]

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