Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Day264 Episode51 continues

After sending the current model off to the team, I wrote out the steps still required in building the model (mesh) for her as:
  • hair edges (get some light catching curves)
  • ponytail (full build)
  • eyebrows (create)
  • bangs
  • lips (design and create with talk ability)
  • refine glasses (detail)
  • moles and tat (add)
  • hair texture/bump (maybe sculpting also)
  • material bump (perhaps)
  • breast smoothing (if not to be kept separate)
  • mirror and fix joins
  • adjust proportions (neck height etc)
  • earrings and hairband
  • skin material
  • glasses material reflectivity/mapping (fake reflections?)
  • hair material
  • dress join with breast and back part
  • dress draped at sides and cleavage = shadow
  • groove in back for spine (test this idea)
This isnt a short list, but each piece is a simple bite-offable chunk, so hopefully she will be done very soon. I got as far as working through a logic to do the first one in the list (curving the edge). I ended up using extrude for the edges of the hair inwards. I then averaged the normals to make the sharp edge into a nicer curve.

Just a couple more bits, then I can mirror and send a full (2 halves) model off to James for her rig to be applied.

I also did some more sketches looking at details and options for her glasses.

[option sketches and more WIP for Bimbo]

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