Thursday, 27 September 2007

Day266 Bimboing and Project Scope

The modelling is still concentrating on adding features and altering global proportions. I am leaving the hair as great big spikes for now - hopefully that will help us rig it up with spline bones. It is possible that even if I had built them in-place they would be riggable - but this keeps things clean for now.

[WIP of the Bimbo Model]

I tried one way to make lips, but they frankly look kinda crap. I think I will try a few other ways to build the geometry, see if I can get some better lines as well as nice 3D feel.

[WIP of the Bimbo Model - a little later]


Project Scope
I emailed Team Stimpy with a first cut at our total scope for the project - given that the weeks will fly past in our run up to the submission. In rough timeframes our hope is to have basic models rigged and into a 3D animatic by Tuesday. The animatic wont have all the details by any stretch, but will give us a good foundation for the next stage.
  • Mgt: Setup file organisation and sharing
  • Mgt: setup standards - units, filenames
  • Mgt: setup full schedule and responsibilities
  • Model: Bimbo : build model/mesh, uv, texture, material
  • Model: 3D: build model/mesh, uv, texture, material
  • Model: 2D: build model/mesh, uv, texture, material
  • Model: Pic: build model/mesh, uv, texture, material
  • Model: Bimbo: skin and rig
  • Model: 3D: skin and rig
  • Model: 2D: skin and rig
  • Scene: build background and full set for reflections
  • Scene: build lighting setup
  • Scene: setup cameras for each shot
  • Animation: build basic 3d animatic
  • Animation: build smooth character and interactive animation
  • Animation: build facial animations
  • Animation: add blinks, refinements, better flow and detailing
  • Animation: create 2Ds face in Flash.
  • Sound: get score final
  • Sound: set sound effects
  • Sound: record and prep voices
  • Compositing: bring it all together in Maya
  • Compositing: build and render out static images for into and credits
  • Compositing: Render out beauty or layer passes.
  • Compositing: bind it all together in post
  • Compositing: build credit reel
  • Mgt: build final submission with references to Mac-vs-PC and other context.
  • Misc: Write up logbooks
After some feedback I will write this up into a timeline format with responsibilities so we all can get our heads down.

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