Saturday, 29 September 2007

Day268 Blogger Play, pic sketching

Blogger Play
Google have now given us this new little offering which simply shows us a continuous stream of images that are uploaded by blogger users (like me). So you get a random feel for the scope of things people are using to illustrate their blogs and you can dive into the blogs themselves if they take your fancy. It is another clever way Google bring us a view of the web and in this case a nice visual way to feel the currency of it all.
[Blogger Play logo from the site]


By way of where I ended up from this fun - was to an image on an Italian blog which leads us to the trailer for 01.18.08 (or Cloverfield). The CG and effects work on show are spectacular. New York is being torn apart in ever more spectacular fashion as our CG capabilities rise. The art of making trailers is on show again here - ekelent!!
The Movie Dearest blog also has the image in question (included below), but is also in English for us.

[promo poster image for 01.18.08/Cloverfield from Movie Dearest]


2.1D Girlfriend Sketching and Fall Animating
I worked on sketches for the photo of 2D's girlfriend we will use in Episode 51. After some progress I took a different approach which is resulted in the image below. I have to give credit to little Alicia (7) for the idea of using separate paper for her hair. Though the end result is quite different it is great to see the lateral thinking young minds can bring. Next step is to build it up in photoshop to look like a polaroid and then get it into Maya.

[sketch to build the base of the palaroid for Episode 51]


The next part for the 2.1D girlfriend photo is for me to build a rig for the photo itself and then get the falling animation going. So I made a simple plane with a criss-cross rig and animated the fall over 2 seconds. It actually looks pretty good already. Next will come the UV of the photo and working on a god camera and lighting setup to capture the shot.

[WIP of the photo-fall shot for Episode 51]

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