Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Day271 Bimbo Rig and more

Bimbo Rig
James fired through to us the full rig of Bimbo sporting handles and controls in all directions which should make for some cool animating. They arent working in the same way I built my test rig - but having the handles is nice.

[screenshots of the Bimbo rig as she now stands]


I spent a few minutes trying my hand at finding a search in Google that returned the most hits. After a bit of playing I reached 2,820,000,000 for the word 'search'. This was even higher than plenty of common little English words and numbers even. This could have something to do with how they store such things.
One of the incredible things is that I can be returned a search result including the first page of detailed links for 2.8 billion hits in waaay under 1 second!!!


Bao Pham in ImagineFX
I got my nice new copy of ImagineFX mag (issue 23) today. My favourite piece is the In Depth article by Bao Pham on his creation of a lovely butterfly image. The article covers some nice colour logic as well as his process in photoshop and painter. Unfortunately I cant find the image online but it is so lovely I could really see it on a wall.

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