Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Day271 GMod Server, Halo, EP51 & Bao Pham

GMod Server and FPS Banana
For the students here in FBE I started setting up a dedicated GMod server to facilitate some better collaboration. They have been sharing their models via simple server disk shares, but this will lend some more persistence to things and let others pop in to see how they are going.
I began by following the GMod10 Dedicated Server Setup Tutorial on FPS Banana. This uses command-line versions of the interface apps which is fun. I often hear people wanting to run servers/services (of all kinds) as interfaceless creatures. I am not a fan of the logic though, I think interfaces can be powerful tools, not just eyecandy for dummies...

FPSBANANA looks like a pretty nifty hub for all manner of modding and work on FPSes of various types. They have some nice news and tutorial sections - When I get time to get back into Modding, this place looks like a good resource and hangout point.


Halo 3 peek
After having a little look around FPSBANANA I thought I should check out where Halo 3 is at. The website for Halo 3 is very slick (I love the blue bubbling background). The screenshot section is great running in flash, but also letting me download high-res versions of the images. I shrunk and included 3 below that show what is coming - it looks nice, but isnt particularly ground breaking in any way. The multiplayer ability to play as a drone thingo that can add and change the world adds a twist that reminds me of the GMod fun that can be had. I am sure there will be many many happy XBoxers out there now Holo 3 is finally here.

[screenshots of Halo 3 from their site]

I was pointed at Cybershack today as well, a show on tv about gaming and tech etc. Their site has snippets of the footage for us to catch-up. By sheer coincidence there was a piece about Halo 3. Oh and I liked their little test of BioShock on a MacbookPro (like mine) with an xbox360 controller.


EP51 Photofall
After building a nice UV image from my sketch I loaded it into the Maya file for the already animated plane and hey-presto one falling photo. The background and lighting may not be the final choices, but it seems to be working. I am assuming we will mask it to the narrow format at the compositing stage. Here is the actual animation as it stands now:


Bao Pham Video Tutorial
I realised that the ImgineFX mag not only came with the nice written tute/article on Bao Pham's butterflies image, but a video tutorial on the DVD as well. (I was delighting in this image yesterday) The video is a capture of the actual process in photoshop of the image as it is created. This footage takes us from the sketch through the roughing out and colour work to the final detailing. Though these videos have the same generic appeal of the Millenium Masterpiece viewer, it is a log build in comparison and takes a while to go through. It could have benefited from commentary or perhaps editing.

High res versions of the images included below (and others) are also on the DVD which is great. I hope reproducing them here will be seen as excellent promotion of a great little article and a super magazine (love my subscription).
The first three images here are from the WIP set and then the final image I like so much. Maybe it is the joyful colour and flittering yet calm motion of this image that appeals to me - drool.

[images from the ImgineFX Issue23, Nov 2007 DVD of Bao Pham's tutorial - resized for the blog]

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