Thursday, 4 October 2007

Day272 Crysis Beauty, Gaming & TV

More Crysis Imagery
What isnt to love about how Crytek are going with their mighty Crysis and CryENGINE 2. The Crysis-Online website has more of the Real vs Crytek images for us to marvel over. To think that these are running realtime ingame and arent 10 hours of render time per frame, they are 20 frames PER second instead.
Here are some vids (it is a moving game after all) that show off not only the game - but also the grace of the editor:

links to more:
One of many vids showing actual Beta gameplay.
Gameplay showing the oppressive combat feel.

Laptops & Crysis
I ordered the collectors edition of the game a little while ago to make sure I get may hands on the DVD with the extra 'how this was done' content (The Crysis site has a release date of Nov 17 - YAY). But this game will push even a killer system and so it will be interesting to see how things like laptops will cope with this beastie. Tracy Erickson over at Digital Entertainment News has a nice review of Crysis where they ran it on a Toshiba laptop with an NVidia 8700 M GT card in it (which my MacBookPro also sports). So I have some hope that we will be able to get this game out to lots of people in some capacity. I will have to give the System Requirements Lab a whirl in BootCamp to see how this mac fronts up against their test method.

Reality & Crysis
The Crysis Online folk have gifted us with some very inspiring imagery of what the Crysis folk have been doing already. The site now has a whole heap more images which pit the rendered views from the CryENGINE 2 against real photos. Here are three to whet your appetite:

[comparison images of reality and Crysis from the Crysis-Online site]

But it is not just comparisons that inspire, it is a game after all. So here are 3 more screenshots that are just joyous to see iven if they arent aimed purely at replicating reality. Remember this is real-time.

[screenshot images of Crysis from the Crysis-Online site]


Cooperative & Competitive Gaming
I thought it would be interesting for the Game Design and Research Group here at UNSW to look at gaming with gameplay outside the competitive styles. Games that are perhaps more appealing to girls particularly where there need not be competition and victory to make the game work. To be blunt, The Sims vs Unreal Tournament.
Stereotyping just a little... Give a bunch of animal toys to a young girl and a young boy and the games played will be quite different. The girl will likely have the pigs going to school to learn from the cow while the lion heads off in search of the lost elephant. The boy will have the sheep lined up in the front row of the owls army which is under siege from the crocodiles and the treacherous snakes. Ignoring other symbology and social thinking here, there is a fundamental difference in the gameplay type, one has a combative/victory mode the other a social/evolutionary one. Both could involve constructive and/or creative gameplay on top of these ideas, but the differences between then are lower level than that.
Exploring the logic and compatibility of these types would be fascinating.


Bionic Woman and Heroes S2
The Bionic Woman began for us today and it was darker and gutsier than was expected. It had its tough, sexy and brutal moments but drew together a nice twisting subplot that is where the intrigue lies. The promo for Ep2 hints at some interesting things to come. It has the feel of Alias with the intrigue, double-crossings, secret organisations and killer women. In fact if you wanted to describe the sow to someone just say "it is Alias with Bionics rather than training". For my part I would have preferred her to struggle with the bionics more than we saw so far, it all came very easily to her apart from an emotional sock in the bed and the disorientation sequence which was actually very nicely done.

Heroes S2 is finally here, it was the only TV I really watched earlier in the year and it is great to have it back. The plot work was a little slower in this episode, but started to get going in the later stages. Time was taken setting scenes and lining up plotwork to come. In the final scenes and the promo for next week - things got more interesting, twisting things around. Even though it wasnt all running at full speed yet, we were still treated to many plotlines running concurrently with a horde of characters. There were characters that we know are returning that didnt et a look in yet either and some of the main folk got teaser seconds on screen :-)

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