Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Day276 Ep52-22days & Civ4 BtS

Episode 51 22Day Schedule
I Put together a timeline of tasks, activities and ownership for 3D&2D Ep51 in excel. With just 22 days left until the submission and a heap of separate tasks to perform this will be valuable to ensure we just dont run out of time.
We will run through this in detail with the group on Tuesday.


Civilization IV : Beyond the Sword
There is a nice new expansion for Civilization 4 called Beyond the Sword. The short review in PC Powerplay #142 by Nathan Cocks talks of the new non-military gameplay they have added. He also covers some of the quite radical scenarios that really highlight how well Firaxis built the civ4 engine to support modding. I know I dont have time to play this glorious game!!!
Here are 3 images showing the variety that this modding brings - these are included in the Beyond the Sword expansion for us.

[scenario images of Civ4 Beyond the Sword from the Civ Site]

Links to attack:
Sid Meier Civ Site
Firaxis Game Civ Site
Civ4 Site


I also spent some time watching the modern masterpiece that is The Fellowship of the Ring. I should have been modelling in Maya - but I couldnt resist :-)

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