Thursday, 11 October 2007

Day279 3D&2D Ep51 work

3D&2D Episode 51 Work
Some more work on our project today. I need to get a few things to the team for the weekends efforts to come. Our goal is to have the basic characters in place in a master scene fully rigged and the start of a 3D animatic.

3Ds Tattoo
I created a new tattoo sketch for 3D's forearms sporting 3 Maya dragons swimming upstream through a current of leaves spawning from Apple logos. This was then scanned and coloured in a simple styling. YE can then use the file with its transparency to UV overlay onto the model.
Once I got the image drawn out and scanned in - I ran a few filters and adjustments through it to tidy up contrast and edge details. I used an anisotropic diffusion filter to get some fluidity back into the linework after the adjustments.

[b/w and coloured versions of the new 3D tattoo]

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