Saturday, 13 October 2007

Day280 PC Powerplay 144

PCPP External Videocards
On the trip I had fun reading through my PC Powerplay Issue #144 (November 2007).
The Tech brief on External Videocards by Lindsay Handmer was why I purchased the mag in the first place. I have been looking forward to the day when video grunt would be plug-in-able esp for laptops. The article shows us where this tech stands today and it seems that we are creeping closer than ever. The ASUS XG Station seems to define one way this may come to be - esp if we can get PCIe 16x slots for us.
I for one could think of many applications for external video grunt - hell external physics firepower would be groovy as well.

The same article also points us at TripleHead2Go which would let us fire up a single signal onto 3 screens - I will have to test this for real on 3 x 46" plasmas!!

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