Monday, 15 October 2007

Day282 Character Modeling 2

Ballisic's D'artiste Character Modeling 2
On Hols I read through the extended articles/tutorials by Kevin Lanning, Timur Baysal and Zack Petroc and their Invited Artist Galleries. The work, process and skill on show is truly inspiring. There are several themes that I took from the full book like the adaptability of the artists to work with multiple applications. I liked reading through workflows that would start in Maya, move to ZBrush, go back into Maya, pop into Mudbox, head back into Maya and then over to ZBrush for some more work before compositing in After Effects. There were probably more stages in there - but this set conveys the idea pretty well.
All three of the artists on show used sculpting primarily which shows how much the likes of ZBrush and Mudbox have brought to this field. For me the work of Kevin Lanning in building some remarkable high-poly models and then to take that and work with the Epic team to build the ingame low-poly assets was the highlight. His article shows the evolution of the models from concept sketches to high-poly models, then onto displacement maps on the gaming models to final texturing and hair. Even though the Unreal 3 engine is nothing short of incredible, there is no doubt that the low-poly-displacement versions are a poor cousin of the awesome sculpts that Kevin actually created. Perhaps the Unreal 4 or 5 engine will actually e able to wield these actual models for us.

These are the images I grabbed from the Ballistic site for the Character Modeling 2 on Day269

[cover and artwork sample from the Ballistic site for Character Modeling 2]


Of the images included from other artists the one that is my favourite at the moment is Guiseppe by Laurent Pierlot. I just love the characterisation and modelling.

[giuseppe by Laurent Pierlot from the CGTalk site]

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