Monday, 15 October 2007

Day283 Reverse Foot and Modelling

Reverse Foot Tute
I ran through Will's Reverse Foot tutorial and generated the rig, controllers, IKs and driven-key relationships. The process is rather complex in one sense and I am wondering how much of this comes-along-for-the-ride in something like motionbuilder.
My setup seems to work well enough, but it isnt as though it is tied together sufficiently that by moving the foot all the reverse foot rotations all come together on their own - they would need animating via a walk cycle or some more driven-key or Mel linkages I suspect.
Here are some online tutes that explore the reverse foot in similar ways:
Javier Goosh Solsona - Reverse Foot Lock
Erick Miller - Rigging Characters for Animation in Maya


Bimbo Blend Shapes
Back into some Bimboing and getting the mouth blend shapes going. I decided to keep the top and bottom lips separate and thus created pairs of blend shapes. One set of sliders controls the top lip into the 4 current shapes and another set does the related bottom set. I could drive-key these together, but some more control may end up handy...
Even though I may need to refine the actual blends themselves, we can start keying them now and any improvements will come along with an update.
I quite like the way controls like these work.

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