Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Day285 Maya modelling and rigging

Episode 51 Maya Modelling and Rigging
I have been really enjoying the modelling refinement work on our 2D character. Building his stylistic geometry and polygonal 'drawn' elements and their blend versions. Creating the paper feel was fun as well, he really realises the sketches now.

[WIP shot of 2D under construction]
There is something really satisfying about getting the blend shapes and then skinned rig working. It is like bringing a creature to life - very Dr Frankenstein-like. Creating both the basic bone structure, skinning and then attaching clusters to the control points of the IKplineHandles for his arms was all fun. It is good to have to rig a personal project - doing tutorials doesnt bring the concepts and process home quite like having to do it all yourself.

[WIP shot of 2D now with rigging under way]
I am pretty happy with how the model and rig are working now. The only thing I havent got working so far is to have the clusters linked to the IKsplineHandle curves move in basic transformation with the full rig. If I do get it to work that way things move all over the place. It is perhaps to do with the input order - this creates similar woes - but this case seems slightly different and I havent cracked it yet.


My next task was building the main scene with the background and lighting elements and then starting to ref in the rigged models. I got as far as creating the scene elements, initial lighting setup and importing the new 2D-rig. Armed with a test camera I was happy where I finished up tonight.

[WIP image of the main scene under construction for Episode 51]


A nice little animation by Yannick Puig called Krapooyo on youtube (thanks Yaz). It has a nice casual, yet clever evolutionary feel to it. The animation is nice to watch along with the narrative. The deformations, connections and rig evolution are nice to see and to relate to the work we are doing after a whirlwind session with Maya thus far.

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