Thursday, 18 October 2007

Day286 Ep51 Work & Screen Culture

Episode 51 Scene Maya Work
I went back and removed the cluster controls from the 2Dcharacter and implemented quick-select-sets to grab the Control Vertices for the IK-spline-curves from the outliner as required.

I set about making similar adjustments to Bimbo, but the clusters are too well integrated and she is working pretty well actually. I did fix up some poly geometry, create groups and get the right render settings going.

Back to the Scene Setup files I brought in the updated Bimbo rig. Somehow her teeth needed more fixing and her cheek mole has gone walkies - solvable problems.

[WIP image of the scene coming together - the render view is nice showing how flat 2D is]


Screen Culture Lecture
Anna's lecture today on Internet and Space Metaphores was another interesting one, those people not bothering to turn up to these late-in-the-session classes are missing out. In her discussions on various influences including Architecture she used the Graz Gallery which I had a look at back on Day99. I liked her description of it as 'some kind of alien placenta' :-)

The other thing I took away most notably was her showing of the DiggSwarm, well Swarm on Digg Labs. Apart from illustrating her points on topographic representation, the Digg tool is quite hypnotic, surreal and pretty all at once.

[screen shot of DiggSwarm in action]

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