Friday, 19 October 2007

Day287 Ep51 work

Ep51 Maya Work
In the scene master I started working on the cameras using Quantel PAL (720x576) set to 35m TV projection. Once I get the various shot cameras in place we can start animating to cameras rather then just the persp window.

[WIP screenshot of the Maya Ep51 scene]

After building all the cameras for the main animation sequence in the main Maya file (shots 4 - 7) things are looking good. I will create separate files to handle the still shots and the special ones like the camera fall which is already mostly built.

The 2D Flash animatic built on Day253 is proving mighty helpful - it definitely helps setup the cameras. Flash shows the exact frame numbers as well so the cameras can run over the right period (Shot 5 for example runs from frames 173-214).

Full shot framing:
01 : still
02 : still
03 : still version of 04 start
04 : frames 108-172
05 : frames 173-214
06 : frames 215-308
07 : frames 309-443
08 : (included in shot07)
09 : still
10 : frames 465-502 (end still continues)
11+ : stills in credits


Troy was on TV tonight, while working on the 3D project I tried to spot the appearances of the CG city that Will worked on. It is cool having a lecturer/tutor who has been a part of big productions like this.

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