Sunday, 21 October 2007

Day289 Ep51 Grouping

Episode 51 Groupwork
I was feeling really frustrated with the project late last night, lots of 2 steps forwards and one step back issues. So prior to our group getting together today I set about fixing up some of the issues - just tackling them one by one. This meant we werent really making good forwards progress on the animation side of things - but I guess it was progress in a way.
Much of our problems have come from us having three models, with three styles of rig all being worked on by the three of us - there are just too many avenues for junky things to worm their way in.

2D & 3D
I was happy to have abandoned Clusters for 2D's bendy arm controls. But, though I could move things around, I couldnt key the version I had built - grrrr. So I resorted to adding clusters to control my CVs and made a few other changes to incorporate this.
James then took point on trying to fix up 3D, what we ended up doing was using the new model and reskinning that to his original Rig. That required a few other bits to be fixed/changed of course, like copying his eyes across from another file. But once that was done we seemed to have a model and a rig referenced into our master scene files that was behaving - yay.

Rough Animation
We then set about building the first phase of animating - finally. The main focus here was building the poses for the junctions between shots - once we have that then each shot can be animated in isolation from the others. We got most of the way through this process during our groupwork today. I liked the way we would bounce ideas around, move this hand here, start this move earlier, wait until this dialog finishes etc.

After some feedback from the group on shot10, we decided we should see the photo more clearly. The photo plays such a critical role in the animation and this is the exclamation point for the whole piece. So I shifted the camera and adjusted the curves (this is very cool) to get it all to fit with a better perspective.


Nice Vids
Somehow during the day I also came across a few things to inspire.

Ghost Recon 3
This trailer for the Xbox360 game really shows us the power of the console and how cinematic the animation and effects are getting in gaming now. Doing the Maya work lets us see this sort of thing in a new light.

Sony Bravia Advert
Saw this advert on TV today again - very nice work emulating the stop motion plasticine type work in a grand way with some serious compositing. I have embeded it below, but there are others that are well worth a look, the bouncy balls and paint one for example.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Saw snippets of this on DVD and this one in the series has some great effects work. The dragon fight sequence is great, but each of the tasks actually works beautifully. When Cedric is being attacked by the vines in the maze - awesome.

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