Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Day292 Vue6 peek & SC

Vue 6 check
I have log admired the beautiful visuals and the complexity leap that Vue seems to be able to deliver in the creation and rendering of landscape CG. In fact it is a source of great confusion to me that the Landscape program here at FBE doesnt jump all over software like this to not just visualise large lanscapes, but to design and experience them as well. From various sources Vue6 has bubbled to the top around here of late, and there is definite enthusiasm to explore the software in greater depth over coming months.

E-on have a nice site for the software with videos and galleries to drool over.

I last took a look at Vue6 on Day78 (not so long ago actually) when I was looking around at all manner of landscape creation and design software. I am keen to see what things like the Crysis Editor bring to this field as well as the tech demos for it show plant painting and awesome complexity as well. Here are a few more stills from the E-On Gallery section to add to those included previously, this time Nature and Landscape examples:

[gallery images from the e-on site created in Vue]

One of the other places that Vue popped up was in 3DWorld Issue 97 which on p16-17 has the winners of the 2007 Vue6 competition on the E-on site. Below is the winning entry by Julien Chabot, and all three winners are in the mag and on the site along with their thoughts on the process.

[winning entry by Julien Chabot for E-on's 2007 Vue Competition from their site]

These stills are awesome, but seeing it all in action is another leap again. Check the E-on site for other videos in higher quality, but here is a suitably inspring yutube version. The volumetric atmospherics, water modelling, vegetation detail and physics and procedural creation all combine to hurl you from your seat!


Looking at my Screen Culture critical review, I had a read of some more reviews and articles on Outfoxed, Fox News and US media bias in general. A scary landscape it is.

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