Thursday, 25 October 2007

Day293 Screen Culture & Gaming Theory

Screen Culture
The final lecture on Distributed Screens and what Anna called "Ubiquitous Screen Culture" was the topic of a fun ride through what the future might hold. Ideas around 'mixed reality', 'augmented reality', 'ubiquitous computing' and 'distributed computing' were explored with some nice examples which even included Kirchner's machinima piece, "The Journey". I liked the Ambient Rom project by the crew at MIT where they were exploring the introduction of interface in the ambient/background space as well as the traditional focus/foreground area.

Worked on the Critical Review as well - Outfoxed is coming under some fire on the page. Though I might agree with what Greenwald has to say, the way he said it pushes the work into perhaps the same bucket as Fox. Now to see if I cant get my 2000 words to say that eloquently.


Gaming Theory @ UNSW Game Design Group
We had 8 people at the gaming group today where we tried out an educational process of Malcolm's on the introduction of game theory for his class. Our reference material was the Game Theory chapter by William Poundstone from The Game Design Reader. It was a great intro to some of concepts in game theory such as utility, tables, zero-sum, minmax, cake, Nash Equilibrium, logic and a chunk of maths. We played a handful of games that explored various game theory types and it all went well, we had fun and learnt quite a bit about gaming theory.

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