Monday, 29 October 2007

Day297 Episode51 meets iLife

Episode51 meets iLife (iMovie and GarageBand)
Armed with a bunch of renders from Maya of the various camera setups I brought the whole lot into iMovie. It was pretty easy to setup the still timings from the 2D Flash animatic again and hey-presto I had a running animation of the whole thing in 3D.
After the loss of our Audio, the kids helped me with a new set of voices in GarageBand. Bringing the video in and adding the sound tracks I had something that was starting to look and sound the part. I used Photoshop next to build some titles at the beginning atop the stills. Even though the iLife apps might be simple, they are quite nifty all the same.
One thing spend some time on, without alot of success was to change the voices, particularly to make 2D and Bimbo sound older. There are plenty of audio changes that are built into GarageBand, with all manner of options - but none seemed to do what I needed yet...
My hands and arms are really starting to object to all the hours of computing - so that will just have to do for today - I hope it goes down ok in class tomorrow.

[WIP video version of Episode51 now]

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