Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Day298 3D MDMing & Blogging in Italy

3D Week14
Presentation of 3D & 2D Episode 51 for the class. I built a short presentation page on googlepages for where we are upto. We didnt end up using it, but it is there for posterity now.
All Three groups have actually brought it all together very well actually. We all have touching up to be done for the final submission in a week, but it really does show what we have learnt in 1 little session. After some quick feedback and a team meeting, we have a definitive set of tasks to do between now and Tuesday.

My basic tasks are (Titles Jaz Up; Pause after Shot10 (.5secs); Build Credits; Footsteps; Compositing Fixes; Rendering; Add ENDE at the very end). I have been using iMovie, but I think I might step it up for this final version to a higher-calibre piece of video compositing software - Final Cut, Premiere or After Effects. Premiere can do the titles for me, maybe the others can as well - should be fun.

Feedback and Elements that do it for me
Will gave us some feedback on Project1 and we were talking about the elements of the process that were most enjoyable. At the time I was thinking about the software side but, now that I think about it, I probably enjoyed the design and creative elements the most. Conceptualising and designing or characters and iterating that process including the short stories was great fun. Then building Bimbo and 2D brought a more detailed level to things that was an extension of that design. To then rig (2D) and animate (all 3 characters) was the final element of that design realisation - bringing them to life. The next step beyond here (that is well beyond this course) is to have them as free agents in a CG world - game world perhaps - that is another level of 'life'.


I learnt a new trick today in Maya, being able to render out video exactly as it looks in the Maya viewports - wireframe even. Playblast is hiding there after you right-click on the timeline.


Register to Blog in Italy?
I was shocked to hear in my final Screen Culture class today that Italy was requiring people to register in order to blog. Well things havent quite come that far yet, but there is some worrying writing is on the wall.

Paolo Attivissimo covers this sanely on The Register, basically the wording of a proposal is poor and could mean wider implications that would cover all we bloggers. Lets hope that things dont go this far and done pay too much attention to all the reactionary commentary out there, ironically on many blogs :-)

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