Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Day299 SC and After Effects

Critical Review
Well finished up my critical review, so I can print it off and have one course complete for my MDM. Initially I wasnt too keen on the core theory components, but it was certainly much more enjoyable than I expected. I am sure everyone has too many references and info to include, those 2000 words fill up pretty fast.


After Effects and Titles
I downloaded and installed the trial for After Effects today looking for a new way to build the Episode51 titles. Having looked around more closely it doesnt seem that After Effects has the same built-in title creating capability as Premiere. So I will resort to the way other people seem to do such things - create a really tall file in photoshop then animate that scrolling upwards - easy. This will let me use the photoshop tools for text (clunky as they are) and insert all the title images as well.
Chad Perkins has a nice tutorial on Text Animation in AE, well it is a good intro and there are plenty more there and from other folk on Youtube for that matter.

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