Thursday, 1 November 2007

Day300 Titles, Pervasive IT & Utgarde

Titles Work on Ep51
I created new titles for Shots 1-3, just in photoshop making simple enough text. Adding back the 3D looking text for 3D's name and gettin the drop shadows mimicking 2D's paper both help as well.

[current Ep51 shots 1, 2 and 3 which are all stills]


Pervasive IT
Through my iGoogle page I found this report by Tom Simonite, Cellphones team up to become smart CCTV swarm. Since we have been discussing the idea over the last few days in a few contexts this seemed prophetic. The team who did the work on this, The Distributed Systems Group, have plenty of research papers to poke around in over coming months as well (with things like: Koubachi: A Mobile Phone Widget to enable Affective Communication with Indoor Plants).


Utgarde Keep design files from Blizzard
Blizzard have given us construction images as part of their preview of Utgarde Keep (a new dungeon for WoW's Wrath of the Lich King). The Utgarde Keep preview is primarily about the gameplay design and experience they are trying to build. But it does provide a nice little section with images showing how one area of the place is built up. Layering things back like this shows quite nicely how the lighting, effects and textures are so critical to the low-poly world that Blizzard bring to life so emphatically.
It would be nice to see an interview with their creators talking about the process they run through technically to produce the end in-game effect. Who does what with what software in what order.

[3 images showing the layering of more detail into the Utgarde Keep from the WoW site]


Milestone 300
Well, here we are, Day300 no less. I somehow feel tempted to write about the movie 300 again :-) This little blog as proved its worth a whole bunch of times already - so it is all set to continue - who can tell how long for...

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