Friday, 2 November 2007

Day301 Credits & the Animators Survival Kit

Ep51 Credits
Worked on the Episode51 Credits. Below are two WIP versions of the logic. These photoshop images will scroll up to show the full credit reel - ending with ust ENDE on screen. This is a nice 'end' and also references 3D's 'RENDER ME' t-shirt. I made two for us to think about whether we would have angular images or nice neat ones. The rest of the team is working on the actual images that will slot in to one of these templates. Plus I made some adjustments to the titles - esp the 3Dness of the "3D"...

[WIP credit images for Episode 51]


Create World
I got a subsidised place at AUC Create World up in Brisbane at the end of November. It is going to be a busy 6 weeks if I squeeze this one in as well. With the Mac proving to be a real contended at work and my extensive use of it in the MDM, it is very tempting. SPeaing of tempting - Leopard is out there waiting for me (despite the issues that are out there).


Animators Survival Kit
I spend a little while browsing through Richard William's Animators Survival Kit which is filled with very detailed discussions and illustrations covering character animating. The detail in some areas is very impressive, walk cycles for example. The sketches are very clever in conveying motion and animating through the static book medium.
The book's homepage gives us more info from Richard and links off to the course pages that the book is based on. The page snippet shown below beside the cover shows how packed with drawings the book is, and how those drawings reinforce the text. I wish I had longer to read through this one - I may just need to get myself a copy...

[cover of the Animator's Survival Kit from their site & a page from the book from Amazon's site]

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