Monday, 5 November 2007

Day304 Touch more dusting as always

Episode51 Final Touches

I spent a few hours migrating my content across from the blog to Dreamweaver. This will let me submit a file that will load up nicely enough and will then grab any linked material off the net. This way even the embeded vids are working. I ended up reconfiguring my blog template into the logbook, this is a nice reference to the original source.

Even though I was blogging away anyhow, the idea of keeping a log of all that we have learnt and explored is a good one. It clearly shows us where we have come from and how we got to our current skill-set while also being a reference for finding things as we go forward.


Credit Imagery
The guys have been working on the stills to include in our credit reel. Some of them are a blast and I am really glad this idea we had come through in the end. The red dress that Yaz created really pops for Bimbo, and had we done these fun bits earlier we may have gone with this for her throughout. Bimbo kept her 'little black dress' just as 3Dbabe had back at the outset.

Even though our 15 seconds of animation has a long head and tail, it does tell a grander story this way and allowed us to explore a few more ideas and processes.

[credit image collage]

Here is how it turned out after placing these images into the credits and making the final changes to the text. Onto compositing this in next.

[final credit reel image - well a shrunken version of it anyhow]


Last Composite
Bringing this final piece to the puzzle into Premiere was exciting and seeing it run through complete for the first time was a great relief. I reset all the footage back to None under the Field Options. Even though having it as Interlace Consecutive Frames gives a better result in the preview, on render the results just dont seem as good.
I even found an OK set of options for the export, which got me a decent look with only an 8.8MB file which is alot better than the 120MB I had previously.
Settings I used in the Media Encoder: Quicktime, custom with video and audio; H.264 codec (this was the default - though I tried others); Quality 50 at 720x576; Frame Rate and Pixel size as per project; Non Progressive field order; I didnt set the bitrate (so not sure what it used)

Setting the quality to 100 instead gives me a 16MB file and it does look a little clearer. The main video issues are jaggies and interlacing complications still.
But then I worked on things some more and settled on these settings as being the best I found thus far:
  • Quicktime, custom with video and audio
  • H.264 codec (this was the default - though I tried others)
  • Quality 100 at 720x576
  • Frame Rate and Pixel size as per project
  • Non Progressive field order
  • Bitrate at 2000
  • Under output - turn off de-interlace
It now really looks the part:

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