Friday, 9 November 2007

Day308 Mouse Cleaning and Klara Images

Apple Mightymouse Cleaning
I could take it no longer, my otherwise lovely Apple Supermouse with its sexy little wheel-ball-button on the top obviously needs a clean. The next question was how...
A quick google for solutions revealed this to be a common issue with a host of methods purporting to work for people with differing levels of success.

This method worked for me:
Kevin Konikowski
By far, the best way I've found to clean the ball on the Mighty Mouse is to take a piece of bright white paper, turn the mouse upside down on it, press down on the ball, and run the mouse quickly in circles over the paper. This will remove all the gunk that's building up on the ball and when you take the mouse off the paper, you'll see everything that you cleaned on the paper -- and the scroll ball will work just like new.

and was found on the macintouch site along with plenty of other ideas. I liked this method because you can do it anywhere anytime, I just used the back few pages of my sketch book and hey presto I am working like a charm again - plus I can see the gunk on the page :-)

Here are some links which have a heap more suggestions if this doesnt work for you:


Klara Medkova Images
I was interested to see these royalty free images for sale on Ballistic's site. They are 16 Megapixel monsters and are so detailed that every teensie wrinkle, hair and pore on Klara is there to see. Could be handy for building close-up reference textures and such, way out of my league, but interesting none-the-less.
The image sample below not only shows the detail of their images, but also nicely reveals the complexity of our eyes - check out all those lovely swirly patterns.

[Image of the detail from the Klara Images from the Ballistic site]

There have been several discussions in the last week about royalty free audio for students in particular. I will have to look further into how we might make inroads into this whole royalty free side of things. Maybe there are some that are free as long as they are for non-profit as well...


Half Life 2 - Episode 2
I Started on Half Life 2 - Episode 2 today. I have been looking forward to this for quite a while and it was great to get back into the HL world. Though there are new enemies, those nast acid spitting ant lions being the prime example - things feel very much like the previous HL2 content. The gameplay feels the same and the puzzles have been simplistic thus far - but still enjoyable and rewarding to complete. I got my self to the end of the This Vortal Coil chapter and it looks the combine are my next combatants after the ant-lions and a few headcrab zombies to keep things interesting. I like the companion Vortigon's commentary as we went along, a nice touch.

I had my first run in with the G-Man as well - most mysterious as always...

[screenshot from the HL2 site]

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