Saturday, 10 November 2007

Day309 Peek at CoJ, HL2-EP2 & more

Half-Life 2 - Episode 2
I am having a ball actually - even though it is definatively acontinuation of the main game and EP1. Things feel very much at home with our usual cast of bad guys with a few new arrivals just to spice things up a little. I have been hairing around the place in my beat up car (either I am a terrible driver or the handling isnon-existant). There are plenty of nice touches that make the game still shine, Alix jumping in and out of the car and commenting on my driving and many more. The game also does a good job of making me (or rather the Freeman) feel special, this helps make the battling worth while.


Call of Juarez
I spotted this title on Steam when firing up HL2-EP2. I really do like the western genre for some reason and so and FPS portrayal of it is always worth a second look. Having a little preview peek at Call of Juarez seems obvious then.

The trailer shows the guts'n'all nature of this one and doesnt really inspire like it could. The other trailers on the gametrailers site show off a few more of the bits, but it is hard to see where the real drawing power will be for UbiSoft. The idea of playing two sides of the one story as it unfolds is nice, and though some might complain about cliches - for me a western needs them to fell like a western. At first glance the weapons seem way too accurate and deadly at range - much more like our ultra modern FPS capability. I doubt I will have time for this, but is does inspire anyhow. GameSpot have heaps of great images from the game, here are a few that show the nice wild-west-ness of it all.

[screenshots of Call of Juarez from the Gamespot site]

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