Sunday, 11 November 2007

Day310 Machinima and more HLing

After seeing a review for Machinima for Dummies on the Renderosity site by Ricky Grove, I grabbed a copy from the Konokuniya bookshop at the Hilton in the City. They still have 20% off computer books - for which they have a huge range - it's a bargain.

I have read upto PartII already and am enjoying the attitude that Hugh Hancock and Johnnie Ingram bring to the work. They show their almost rebellious Machinima-makers-view of things to whatever is being covered. The part of the book I am in now is covering cinematic story-telling priciples - with some tie-backs to how they apply to Machinima as well. So far it is informative and enjoyable - more to come as I zip through it in coming days.


From their website they link to some inspired work out there including that by Baron Soosden like his work on I'm So Sick and others - very clever indeed. I will get around to watching each of the vids on his site as I manage to stream each of them down (they take a while).


One interesting thing is that Machinima is firmly planted in the Windows world because that is where the majority of the game engines can be found. I find this interesting given the Mac's ties to the creative arts.

When I get myself a new computer game, I am deciding to invest a serious chunk of time and energy into it. For this reason there are a vast number of games that never get my attention for time constraints as much as the cost. Machinima is a small bite of entertainment that does not require or demand any great investment - like any movie or short. Thus I (and others) can afford to be far more speculative and experimental in their choices of films etc than their gaming. This would seem to allow a far greater opportunity for exposure in the Machinima field than that of Modding.


HL2 EP2 Conclusion
Here I was, having a ball blowing up striders and feeling quite the hero, when the end of EP2 pounced upon me - and it was an emotional one too!! I am still a little shocked at that...
We will now have to wait 'patiently' for Ep3 to finish this story arc for us, if this episode is anything to go by, it will be quite a ride. Even though Ep2 was longer than Ep1 - I still thought it was a bit too short, maybe that is just because I want more. There werent as many physics pieces as I hoped either, it is this real-worldness that I love in the series.

It is starting to annoy me that I have no emotion in the game. I would dearly like to be able to put my guns down when I am inside the bases. I would like to be able to emote a cheer or nod my head etc and be able to see my body when I look down or my hands on the steering wheel etc... These things for me are the areas where HL2 are falling short of higher levels of immersion and perfection for me.

[Just a few screenshots from my journey through EP2 - resized for blogging, but still nice]

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