Monday, 12 November 2007

Day311 AEAF Preview and back with Lara

Australian Effects and Animation Festival
I am off to the AEAF as part of the Digital Media Festival starting tomorrow. Though I was disappointed that Scott Benza from ILM and Transformers wont be speaking, we now have Richard Frances-Moore from Weta Digital who should be great to hear as well.


Back with Lara
Having completed HL2-EP2 I am back in Lara's world today - I am making up for my gaming drought for sure. I am not really that big a fan of this rather console-like-platformer logic of replaying puzzles over and over again. I did use the walkthrough at Tomb Raider Chronicles to help me with the backwards jump in the Damocles Room. I try very hard not to use such things - the point of the game is to solve the puzzles after all.

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