Friday, 16 November 2007

Day315 Crysis

Crysis Time
Yes, after much anticipation the journey (both in game and creatively through the editors and coming sdk) has begun.

The first thing I wanted to do was see the editor in action. At first I could find the blighter, but a dive onto the game DVD and there was the sandbox2 editor installer. After installation I fired up Editor.exe from the games bin32 folder (didnt seem to get an icon automatically alas). Then when it came up I loaded up one of the maps and zoomed around admiring the in-editor game look. More on this in coming days.

[shrunken screenshot of me in the sandbox2 editor for Crysis - yay it works]


The Game
After the sneak preview of the editor - it was time to play.

After starting up a new game and choosing the difficulty we get a stunning preview animation mixing in-game graphical glory with video of the suit in action protecting us from bullets and feeding our body with stuff to make us faster, stronger and just plain mighty. This really sets the scene for our super-human like abilities and the lone juggernaut that we will be ingame.

[3 screenshots from the cutscene intro showing the suit off - shrunk to 800]

The Start
Once our squad hits the island (not as planned) and the plot and objectives start to unfold there are a few peripheral things I cant help but notice. First when I look down I see my legs - woohoo I have feet (see screenshot below). The animations of my fellow squad members are great, they leap over logs with realistic grace and emote everything they do. The scenery is just sooo beautiful (see more shots below) that I find myself standing on rocks just admiring the view.

[screenshots of the early stages of the game showing my legs and the beautiful island]


Downloaded Fraps 2.9.2 to capture some of the Crysis fun to document things here. The engine doesnt seem to come with this feature as just something you can do - how weird is that!!


GMod Juries
The Grad Project juries using GMod ran today - more on this after some debriefing next week.

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