Saturday, 17 November 2007

Day316 WoWing Machinima and more Crysis

WoW Machinima
I am bout half way through my Machinima for Dummies book (having a ball reading it btw - Hugh and Johnnie make for a fun ride). Chapter 11 is all about making Machinima inside World of Warcraft. The chapter and the idea has some serious merit, and could bring to it enough creative input to re-energise the game for me. Maybe telling a story about the journey of some characters that we might roll up. It could be documentary like perhaps, otherwise it could just tell a tale inside the warcraft world but with a twist. I might discuss this with Vroom, Dave and co - see if it has some legs.
I wrote up a bunch of rough story ideas, any of which could evolve into something bigger - a fun idea.


Onto some inspiration in this field. There is way too much out there to get a sense of it all this quickly - but I did watch Redshift Interlude which was cool. Blizzard are supporting the idea of Machinima, just check the WoW machinima pages - there is obviously more to come, but this is good to see. That said they protect their environment, so we cant make our millions using it, and we even need their approval to enter things in festivals or air it on tv etc (not that I have aspirations either way).


Working through the objectives, everything is much more military and combat-centric than HL2, not yet quite so interesting plotwise either. I do like crouching in the bushes, going prone at the edge of things and using our suits abilities. Our first taste of the rocket-launcher was fun and he vehicles are great. The learning curve is higher than HL2 as well - but I seem to be coping for the most part.

Below is an image of one of the loading screens (how pretty is that) and then an ingame shot of a lovely little waterfall spot...

[2 more ingame shots reduced to 800]

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