Sunday, 18 November 2007

Day317 Crysis & The Return

Crysis Continues
As the combat continues - the reliance on stealth-mode is quite high. It is kinda cool that I can hide by a tree in stealth as more and more of the bad-guys come looking for me and a quick shot to put one down then back into stealth again. Interestingly, when I am having trouble, more often than not I either have to take my time or find a completely different way around some bunch of baddies. Most of the challenge is around troops thus far with a few added suped up lads or a helicopter to make life tricky.
But just look how nice it all is (and all these are on medium settings)

[another image of the pretty island at 800pix]


The Return
This is perhaps the most famous piece of WoW machinima, created primarily by two brothers in their spare time and for 6 mins it sets up quite a bit of drama and shows off some nice production values and dialogue. The music is great - binding it together and giving us a good dose of mood enhancement (this was largely Warcraft music nicely cut together by the gang). The Return is on GoFish and no doubt plenty of other spots around our glorious internet as well.

The official site for The Return is actually on Rufus Cubed. There is not only info about the next part/s of The Return, but also heaps of info about Machinima in general (with a leaning towards WoW). I should spend plenty more time in their site - they have much to offer.

[This is the title image from The Return's site]

This is from the FAQ on their website - this part talking about the software they used:
What software did you use to edit and mix "Return"?
Video was edited using Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects. Sound was mixed using Adobe Premiere Pro, Steinberg Cubase and Adobe Audition.
This post production skillset is something I am very keen to dive into more fully - compositing, editing and other post tasks are just so vital to multimedia, internet and video projects these days. Perhaps our labs will need CS3 Master Suite now...

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