Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Day319 SL Windlight & Morning Run Amok

Second Life Windlight
With all the fun things happening about the place I havent been back to Second Life for what seems like ages now. The world still has great appeal as a huge immersive sanbox and does indeed have people doing great things in a common and often colleborative way.

Check out Fleef's Second Life Soujourn to see the graphics upgrade that Windlight brings to the world that really did look dated before. The main change seems to be the atmospherics, multi-layered sky and water etc.

Here is a little news-snippet-look at what they are introducing with Windlight - I like the way they use modes like this to help promote the 'lifeness' of SL


Morning Run Amok
Continuing my little look at various pieces of Machinima, I checked out Morning Run Amok which is also from Fling Films. I found it via the Machiniplex as well (which is nice because of the higher res) and it turns up from a few other directions as these things tend to. This was built with Moviestorm (which has just escaped from beta) and shows that this stuff can be done with more dedicated tools very well and could sidestep some of the legal woes of using more traditional game engines.

I will have to check out Moviestorm and some of the nice support sites like the blog etc as well.
The sneak peek screenshot below is from the Britannica Dreams blog. (Maybe it is about time I looked at prettying up this blog to that kinda standard.

[screenshot from Moviestorm courtesy of Britannica Dreams]


Code Bastard Redgrave

By way of linking SL and Machinima again the work on Code Bastard Redgrave for his MachinimaCam in Second Life looks interesting and the vid on youtube is fun as it kinda shows the scripting coming into being. Check his blog for some great breakdown on his coding up of things like the cam.

Getting further/back into development is an area I am still keen on - boy if only there was more time in a day!!


SL Char Models
PLUS I found that the model quality in SL now extends to things like Mela's stuff and the sets at Second Life Beauty and Vain SL. Here are three close-up images to show what can be done - lots of cred for these classy creators (not it is not all about half-naked babes - some people can create amazing looking people)

[images of Second Life from Flickr]

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