Monday, 26 November 2007

Day325 Gnomon Bundles & Gaming

Gnomon Workshop & Other Training DVD Folk
I have been looking at the long standing powerhouse of DVD training, the Gnomon Workshop for their bundles that might give us here at work a huge resource for students and staff alike.

[gnomon DVD bundle image from their website]

The Gnomon Digital Bundle has all the babies below. That would keep even the keenest DVD trainee busy. It is all perhaps too character-centric but would be great to dive into.

**Intro to Maya: NURBS Modeling, 2 - 3, Organic Modeling, 1-2, Rendering 4, Deformers, 2 - 3
**Mental Ray (all 3 DVDs) : **Spherical Panoramic Photography
**Image Based Modeling 1,2 : **Creature Design with Aaron Sims, 1-2
**Photoshop® for Digital Production
**Texture Painting (2 DVDs), Expressions, 1 and 2, Dynamics, 2 - 13 (except #8, #9)
**Digital Environment Workflow : **Character Animation for Games
**Modeling the Human Head : **Automotive Modeling Techniques
**Creature Head Modeling : **Humanoid Modeling : **UV Mapping 101 : **Character UV Mapping
**Maya Cloth 101 : **Maya Fluid Effects (3 DVDs) : **Paint Effects (2 DVDs) : **MEL Series (3 titles)
**Digital Sets, 1-4 : **Introduction to ZBrush 3 : **ZBrush Production Pipeline : **ZBrush for Illustration
**Introduction to Fluid Dynamics : **The Secrets of Organic Modeling
**The Digital Maquette, Volume 1+2 : **Modeling Essentials in StudioTools
**Creature Building Using ZBrush : **Digital Sculpting: Human Anatomy
**Head Sculpting and Texturing : **Modeling for games (2 DVDs)
**UV Mapping for Games : **Global Illumination:Exteriors
**Global Illumination:Interiors : **Detailing Characters: ZBrush Alpha
**NUKE 1-2 : **Matt Linder's Shake DVDs (4) : **Houdini 101 : **Houdini: Rigid Body Dynamics
**Visual Effects Compositing Fund. : **Matchmoving 101 : **Boujou 1 and 2 : **Product Design Rendering Essentials
**Tim Dobberts 3 Matchmoving DVDs : **Vue: Interface and Workflow
**Environment Creation for Production : **Environment Lighting for Production
**Character Modeling for Production : **Character Texturing for Production
**Creature Modeling for Production : **Creature Detailing for Production
**Creature Texturing and Rendering for Production : **Maya Dynamics: Outer Space Env.
**Maya Dynamics: Underwater Env. : **Matte Painting Production Techniques
**3D Matte Painting and Camera Mapping : **Set Extension and Lighting Effects
**Camera Projection Techniques in Maya : **Pipelines for Video Game Animation : **Fluid Simulation with Glu3D


There are other bundles of course, CG Academy's 3DsMax dvd bundle has another 28 dvds of fun.

Digital Tutors have bundles, but they are very Maya-centric there. has their big suite of dvd titles that we can get at a volume discount again.

3DTotal have plenty of training dvds as well, but no big bundles get a mention on their site - but that doesnt mean they wouldnt do something for us.

Look, Listen Learn, yep those folk at 3D Buzz have their DVD's as well covering not only commercial apps and processes, but the game engine mod pipelines as well.

The Virtual Training Company I dont know much about, but they have a nice wide range of categories and free demos which could be worth a look.

My nice new 3DWorld Magazine #98 actually has a table of some 'Online and DVD' trainers including the ones above plus a few other folk thrown in.


I hadnt played my warlock for such a long time and though my friends are now 70 and Ogroin is but 61, I feel alot less keep-up-stress now - hmm stress seems overstates the case quite I think. Some of the details of all the spells and abilities I could recall, some my finders just remembered for me and others I still have no idea about :-)

Even slaying simple boars felt somewhat awkward as I tried to remember the correct spell sequences and such. Even though the Warlock can be a bit repeaty when soloing, I still fire off a fair number of abilities each fight, this is good when some classes are far more repetitive than that. I only played for a bit, but it was kinda fun actually.

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