Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Day326 Training Documentaries

Training Methods
I continued to look at some training options for the staff and students. The 3DBuzz samples I went through were interesting in that they had the voices of an instructor and someone learning as they went through. This was overlayed on the screen they were using and introduced a nice dynamic and friendly way to deliver the instruction. Another idea we worked through (brainstormed) was that of using the logics and stylings of the documentary to train. If you think about a doco, it is say an hour's worth of exposition and all while keeping us engaged and wanting to find out more. This is precisely what a lecture is designed to do as well - something for us to learn from here.

I was hoping to find a single supplier of awesome video learning material that we could subscribe to. Alas it seems they all have their strengths and weaknesses (as one might expect) and we would need to go with several to get good application coverage.


Had fun talking about WoW again at lunch with the guys. It is fun being part of a huge game world like the one Blizzard have made (even if it is split into lots and lots and lots of servers). But tonight was patch-night, so no WoWing for me.

But that is certainly no great loss as Crysis continues to be very entertaining. It is interesting how the realism of so much of it almost highlights the not so realistic bits when you spot them. By way of an example, when you head up into the observation towers you can hang up there all day sniping away at the enemy with little fear of getting hurt. One exception was when a tank took a potshot at me and blew up the whole tower - ouch. Actually I cant help but think of F-Troop when I head up there :-)


I had my first play with Facebook today. I know, I know - I should have done this an age ago - but there you go. First impressions are that it would be awesome for those people who love their online socialising. I will reserve judgment for now, but it doesnt look like my cup of tea at all.

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