Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Day327 Noesis & WoW Movies

I forgot about those clever folk at Noesis for the training DVD idea. They are all about modding and gaming of course, but could give us another great set of tutes to cover some specific areas that the generic tutorial folk wont and which will be well beyond the in-built help. Oh, it is only for the Valve games though, which dampens the enthusiasm, but if we continue down that road rather than Crysis or Unreal3 then this will be valuable.

Oh and Unreal 3 will be in my hot little hands tomorrow as well - so many great things to try with so little time.


Back into the world of WoW, still in the learning curve - but enjoying Ogroin's return. It is clever the way Blizzard have built the game so that I can pop in and just do a few quests...


The Mr T and William Shatner commercials are a new way to advertise a game like this - fun.
The same page has movies that are Blizzard's machinima trailers for their patches etc. They use in-game footage, cutting, audio and post-effects to deliver a story that sucks us in and advertises the wonders that are coming. You can see why they support the machinima community - they do it all the time. Lament of the Highborne is a clever piece of machinima, giving us some brief lip-syncing and telling a story through moody visuals and audio alone. The God's of Zul'Aman has lots more dialogue but is done as voice-over/narrator instead. The Wrath of the Lich King trailer shows off how this artform can be done - I will have to actually try and do something like this.
So the WoW Movies are great to learn from be they the clever machinima or the simply stunning cinematics.

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