Thursday, 29 November 2007

Day328 Unreal 3 Arrives

Unreal 3
The other heavyweight FPS modding dream is here - Unreal Tournament 3. I have my (rather fat) collectors edition tin case with the book and those juicy modding tutorials. First step = find 8GB of space for it all.

A quick check of the video tutes (20 hours worth by Jason Busby and Zack Parish) shows that they come from those gods at 3DBuzz. It certainly looks like it will be a fun ride. One of the first thing the duo shows us is this little chart:

[chart from the start of the Unreal editor video tutes]

There is rather too much reliance on very weird short-cut keys or shift-ctrl-right-click type stuff for my taste, but we shall see. There are already (after only a few short vids) some very nice features like auto-texture alignment.


Heroes S2 Finale
Excellent stuff, though this was perhaps not what I expected as far as another 'save the cheerleader, save the world' defining moment. It was non-the-less a great ride.

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