Monday, 10 December 2007

Day339 EVE Begins

EVE on the Mac
After installing and trying to get started on the Mac I find that the new graphics update in Trinity isnt available for the Mac (or linux). After a speedy install and a nice intro movie explaining the origins of the EVE systems there is a relatively complex character creation system considering one spends the game-time as a spaceship. In fact after choosing things like race, origins and professions you are dropped into the game without actually getting to choose a ship which feels kinda funny. I have spent tooo much time in the character generation screens already actually, I quite like them.

From there the complexity grows still further, there is a tutorial to kick you off in game and a newbie (rookie) channel which has a constant hum of chatter where people are asking many questions, most of them seemingly quite basic. I gotta say the learning curve is mighty steeeep. I feel like such a newbie, just trying to do the most basic things

The Minmari ship I have been landed with is armed with an autocannon and doesnt quite have the sci-fel that a good energy/laser weapon might :-) Should I go combat, or mining, or something else - it is all very tricky without knowing anything...

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